Job Satisfaction and The Good Life


Based on facts such as; every seventh employee working today feels discriminated and harassed at their workplace, and every third employee feels that the tone amongst employees is bad, Peter Mygind describes the importance of job satisfaction, communication and “the good life” in general, leaving no stone unturned.

Through own experiences and a unique balance between humour and seriousness, Peter Mygind delivers a captivating lecture on the social responsibility we all talk so much about, but - for reasons unknown - unfortunately don’t always see through.

Peter Mygind contributes with tools that create a bigger job satisfaction and puts the spotlight on empathy, responsibility and positivity, which will pave the way for the happy person. Its not necessarily easy - but its important! We have to learn to make our feelings known and make use of each other, which Peter Mygind, through gestures and empathy, underlines and cements with contagious laughter and wacky improvisations.