I Set My Own Limits


Peter Mygind’s journey through life has definitely not been without friction, but it has been worth it. Through very personal accounts, he speaks about the will to go forward in life even in a headwind. It has been about not giving up. It has been about reappearing on the surface, like a cork that keeps getting thumped. 

The lecture takes you on a roller coaster ride through Peter Mygind’s personal and professional life. Through ironic and funny features, the audience is initiated into the way with which he discovered that it’s all about believing in yourself. A belief that doesn’t come before you dare to challenge yourself and take yourself seriously.

With an open heart and incredible stories, the audience is made a part of Peter Mygind’s universe. A universe where the negative is turned into positive and the teachings of empathy, diversity and believing in yourself shines through.

The lecture addresses all who are in need of inspiration to accommodate the good life - come rain or shine.