With an incredible ability to empathise, along with aconsumate professionalism, Peter Mygind takes on several acting parts every year - in TV shows and movies. The parts cover; humoristic, otherworldly, unpleasant, cold martyrs and deep-felt, melancholy, love filled and insight giving personalities.

In cooperation with directors and instructors the likes of Ole Bornedal, Lars Von Trier, Peter Langdal, Susanne Bier, Ole Christian Madsen, Birger Larsen and Per Fly, Peter Mygind’s charming personality has made its way around in-numerous parts, in a wide range of movies, shows and plays.

Amongst other awards, Peter Mygind has recieved an Emmy, with actress Sofie Gråbøl, for the show “Nikolaj and Julie”. Peter Mygind also received a Zulu Award (which are decided by audience participation) for his part in the movie “Flammen og Citronen”.